3 Ways Marketers Can Start Using Facebook Properly?


Facebook is a powerful and versatile platform that can be used to improve marketing performance. Here things we should do:

  1. Create proper profile: Marketers should create a Facebook profile that properly details information about themselves. Based on the website policy, one person can only create one Facebook account and the profile should have a real person name. It means that we shouldn’t use business name. Married female marketers can combine their maiden and married names to make sure that more people can find them. Facebook has a useful “Friend Finder” feature, so it is possible to find people by school, companies, organizations and preferences. People can find us easily if we list all previous employers, organizations and schools in our profile. We should write the “About Me” section, so people would know what products and services we are offering. The information box on our profile page may include our photo, logo, website address, company contact information and others. The profile page is essentially our branding page and it is essential for our Facebook marketing campaign. If we work for a company, it isn’t necessary to list all our personal interests, we should limit our entries to only professional interests. It is possible to syndicate our blog on the profile page. By doing so, we can enable blog posts to automatically loaded on the profile page for people to see.
  2. Build a Contact List: Facebook is based on connections between friends, family members and co-workers. We can receive and send “friend requests” and once they are accepted, we can view their profiles and they can view ours. We should look for ways to begin connecting with people we know. The easy way is to import contact database and address book. It is also possible to search Facebook for individual people we know. There could be many people with the same name we search, but finding them should be relatively easy if they have been connected with our friends. The next step is to check any of our new friend’s connection, it is quite likely that we will find friends that we barely remember. With this step, we should be able to grow our friend list by inviting available business associates, customers, clients, co-workers and even neighbours. Some of these people may not be directly interested with our products or services, but they could recommend them for their friends if they see our Facebook updates often enough. The search feature of Facebook is good enough to find those with whom we have lost contact. After approving the friend status, our profile should be shown on the friends’ pages. It is quite likely that we find more and more friends. They will agree to get in touch with us and know more about our products.
  3. Communicate properly with wall posts: Each Facebook users a wall where they and their friends can post messages. In the business point of view, this is similar to email or phone call. It is easy to send compliment to our colleagues by writing on their wall. They can give comment about our new products and services.

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