What Will Be Needed to Get Entry Into State University of North Carolina?


North Carolina State University, which is the largest public research University of America, is located in Raleigh.

This university is famous for its educational programs and its value dedicated for key industries of the state like textiles and natural resources.

Having enrollment of about 35,000 numbers of students, the North Carolina is considered as the sate of largest schools of the country. There are 12 colleges that are offering education programs of almost all disciplines.

There are 100 major subjects for undergraduate course and 100 master degree course and more than 60 for doctoral degrees.

If you look at this site, then you will come to know that this university is ranked at 10th place among the best universities of the USA. Students here have to pay $9,000 as tuition fees.

As top public school, it is ranked at 32nd and 15 of its educational programs are meant for industries and agriculture.

Quick overview for applying to NC University

Both common as well as coalition applications are accepted in this university and students can choose to fill any one of them for getting admission to any schools.

The deadline for early action applications is 15th October and for regular application the due date is 15th January of every year.

In case, you want to apply for scholarship for any major subjects then for early action application must be sent within 15th October.

Along with your application, you must also submit the following:

  • Application fee of $85 or fee waiver
  • Your official score of SAT or ACT
  • Your official Transcript
  • Your supplemental Essays

In this university, any teacher recommendations are not needed. Students may however choose to submit counselor recommendation, which may be reviewed as a supplemental material by admissions committee.

What is acceptance rate?

As per the data available for the year 2018, this university had received more than 29,000 applications which were meant for filling 4,500 seats. Since only fraction of the students was really enrolled in the university, the acceptance rate was 46 per cent.

In the year of 2018, all accepted students were from the 100 counties of North Carolina, all the fifty states and district of Puerto Rico, Columbia and also U.S. Virgin Islands.

How to get success in NC state admission?

Following are few basic requirements in order to get admission to NC state university.

  • All applicants in high school must complete minimum 15 credit units
  • Subjects must include 4 units of Mathematics and English, 3 units of Science, 2 units of any foreign language and 1 unit for both history and social science.
  • Applicants must have strong academic record with solid standardized scores in the test
  • Your rank in the class
  • Your GPA
  • Your essays
  • Recommendation from counsellor
  • Record of your extra-curricular activities
  • Your personality

How can make your application more attractive

Following are few ways you can make your chance better to get admission.

  • Having SAT score of 1390 or more
  • Having ACT score 31 and more
  • By maintaining a strong GPA
  • Apply early action

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